Speech to Text English

The speech to text converter is online speech recognition software by which the system takes users speech as input and convert this speech input into text. You can use it to type your articles, speeches, emails or anything you want in digital form. Just sit on your chair comfortably, start your Mic and speak in it rest of the work done by the software for you. This is very efficient solution and 5x faster than typing on keyboard. This is the technology of 21 century brings for you by indiatyping.com without any charge. Save your lots of time and money. Usually you go to shops for your typing related work and bothers with there typing mistakes takes your lots of time in proof reading again and again. Now you have a better option, type by speak freely, anywhere, anytime.

Click on the microphone icon and begin speaking for as long as you like.

Press Control-C to copy text.

(Command-C on Mac.)


Note 1 : This software works only in Google Chrome (Version 25 or higher) Browser. If you are using another browser, it will not work. Download and Install Google Chrome Here.

Text Case Converter (Convert to Upper Case, Lower Case, Title Case, Sentence Case, Capital Case)

Some Instruction for Best Result

1. Use the high quality mic for input.

2. Where you want to use should be a calm place, other background voices may effect the results.

3. Speak clearly and slowly, so system can understand what you are speaking.

4. Your pronunciations should be accurate. (Remember that computer never produce wrong result, if your input is correct then output also correct.)

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