Voice to Text Hindi - Google Docs

Let's Type in Hindi by speech, online without restriction. Yes, Google provides this facility to type in Hindi by Voice, What you need is following:

1. Gmail Account

2. Internet

3. A good quality mic (headphone)

4. Google Chrome browser version 25 or higher

Let's start by learn step by step process of Hindi Speech to Text on Google Docs. That's not only provide Hindi Speech Typing facility but also having lot's of editing options and keep your docs saved online, So whenever, where ever you want you can access them. The most interestig you have Hindi Spell Check also. So you can make your Hindi docs error free.

Step 1. Open your gmail account. If you don't have one, create new Gmail account, it's free and take less than 2 minutes. -> After opening Gmail click on Qube like button on Right Top side of Gmail account as shown in below image.

 Google Doc Hindi Speech Typing 1


Step 2. Now Click on More -> Click on Docs, as shwon in below image

Google Doc Hindi Speech Typing 2   Google Doc Hindi Speech Typing 3


Step 3. Now a new tab will open and you can create a new document by clicking on + symbol as shown in below image.

Google Doc Hindi Speech Typing 4


Step 4. Now a MS Word like page will open -> Click on Tools -> Click on Voice Typing

Google Doc Hindi Speech Typing 5


Step 5. Now you will see a Mic appear on screen, and there is English language selected by default. You can click on it and change language to हिन्दी as shown in below image.

Google Doc Hindi Speech Typing 6   Google Doc Hindi Speech Typing 7


Step 6. Now Speak in Mic slowly and clearly to get best result. You will see your sweet voice is converting in text on screen simultaneously. Speak as much as you want and do your work without pain in fingers due to typing using keyboard any more. You can also save and docs online and download on your system too.

Google Doc Hindi Speech Typing 8