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Speech to text, a dream for decades now comes true. You can type by just speaking. The online system works with a speech recognition system; which recognizes your speech and convert into text. It's much faster than conventional keyboard typing that can cause finger pain and even problem with our eyes when you have to put your eyes on screen and dance your finger on the keyboard. Now, you can just plug in your microphone and start speaking and the software will convert it into text. We bring this facility to you without any charge. You use it to type anything, anywhere, anytime. This will help you very much to complete your day-to-days tasks and save lots of time and money for you. You could type articles. blogs, emails etc. by using this wonderful software. Currently we support English and all major indian languages.

1. English Speech to Text

2. Hindi Speech to Text

3. Marathi Speech to Text

4. Gujarati Speech to Text

5. Malayalam Speech to Text

6. Telugu Speech to Text

7. Tamil Speech to Text

8. Kannada Speech to Text

9. Bangla Speech to Text

Note : This software works only in Google Chrome (Version 25 or later) Browser only. If you are using another browser, it will not work. Download and Install Google Chrome Here.